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International trade often involves the establishing and managing of a purchasing framework which demands an investment both in time and money.  In order to simplify the process and increase efficiency, R. Z. Logistics offers its clients a unique concept:
You no longer need worry about regular purchasing, correspondence with suppliers, follow ups and clarification until you get the final "green light" from the supplier - R. Z. Logistics operates as your purchasing department, taking care of everything.  We represent you with suppliers all over the world and make all the necessary arrangements before shipping.  All you have to do is provide us with a list of your suppliers and then leave the rest to us!
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    • R.Z. Logistics is an Israeli owned company providing logistic solutions and international forwarding services for importers and exporters across the globe.

      A well know mathematical theorem states that: "A single line joins any two points". That's why there is only one way to efficiently move merchandise from one point to another, in the shortest time possible and at the lowest possible cost. 30 years experience in this field is your guarantee that this is how we operate. Just tell us your destination, and we will provide all the solutions and answers needed:

      • Purchasing outsourcing; Management of supplier relationships.
      • International forwarding - by sea, air and land.
      • Domestic transportation services, storage, packing and distribution.
      • Release of goods from customs in accord with local import regulations.

      R. Z. Logistics offers services to companies across the world, active in the area of international trade, as well as to Israeli companies whose focus is on business in Israel or abroad.

      Working with R. Z. Logistics means that there is no need to establish a logistics office for your company abroad – we put a global logistic framework at your disposal that will faithfully represent your interests at any point on the globe.