• R. Z. Logistics is an international forwarding company associated with the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA).  R. Z. Logistics specializes in providing logistic and forwarding solutions from any location and to any location in the world.
    The company was founded in 2004 by Ricky Zohar who brings to the company more than 30 years experience in the international forwarding business and her extraordinary professionalism and total customer service orientation:

    A global presence with the personal touch - R. Z. Logistics is proud of global logistics lineup which is, at the same time easily accessible from wherever in the world you or your shipment is located. Although we deal in commodities, we first and foremost work with people. Only through the establishment of a working relationship based on unprecedented care and teamwork, can we execute, dedicatedly and efficiently, the forwarding of shipments through our network of strategic partners all of whom are willing to provide the optimum solutions at any given time.

    The client comes first!  A logistic project operates with many different elements – each responsible for their specific area – forwarding cargoes, release from customs and transportation to the final destination.  At R. Z. Logistics our goal is to provide the client with results.  So, whilst we do the work, the client is reassured because they know that every action, throughout the entire process, will be taken by the right representative at the right time without wasting time or energy on bureaucratic procedures.  Each project is managed by a personal representative who works with the client (and the merchandise) all the way - from start to finish!

    Creative thinking – logistic projects rely on well defined rules and methods: what is the best way to transfer merchandise, how can costs be reduced and which operational method is the fastest?  However, as is often the case, reality can defeat theory.  For this reason, a first class logistic company is measured, amongst other things, by its ability to cope with a client's special demands, unexpected scenarios and constraints in the field.  At R. Z. Logistics we know how to be prepared, to evaluate, precisely, the needs of the client and to make the impossible – possible.

    Always on the move – meeting people, going places and playing a role in global activity that fashions the shape of the world – these are the incentives that motivate our action on a day to day basis.  At R. Z. Logistics we don't manages logistical activities by remote control, instead, when needed, we go out into the field to ensure that shipments and merchandise are being properly handled and processed, to supervise, close up, those doing the job and… to be there, where things happen and when they happen.  What could be better than that!