• Does exporting to Nigeria make your life difficult?
    Over the past few years, the volume of exports to Nigeria has been growing steadily.  Industrial expansion, massive development and construction projects including many hotel sites provide exporters with many, promising possibilities.  But, at the same time, you are also faced with the "paradox" of international trade with Nigeria.
    Up until now, as an exporter you placed your emphasis on the logistics of your trading activities – collecting merchandise, shipping by air or overland to the destination – but, when we are talking about Nigeria, the bureaucratic aspect takes center stage and will be the deciding factor as to whether you current transaction succeeds or fails – it's as simple as that!
    The Nigerian Government places many difficulties in the path of exporters.  Only full and complete compliance to these strict demands will bring the required authorization from Nigerian customs officials and release of a shipment.  Also, these very strict regulations only apply to exporters; for this reason it is vital that at the shipments departure point, all the required permits, releases and authorizations are obtained and in the shipping file.
    This is where R.Z. Logistics comes into the picture.  As a company that has been directly and intensively, on a day to day basis, involved with companies shipping merchandise to Nigeria we save you the need to cope with the exhausting and complicated bureaucracy that could well stop the entire export process.
    The solutions we provide include:
    • Letters of Credit (LC) – we prepare 8 original documents ensuring that they are completed exactly as required down to the last comma and full stop.
    • Product certificate & Soncap certificate -   We produce two certificates for which it is necessary, in the country of origin, to make comprehensive laboratory tests on each item in the packing list.
    • Arrangement of shipping details for the merchandise to its destination in Nigeria
    Our experience has shown that very few exporters have the required expertise and knowledge required to meet all of the conditions that the Nigerian Government requires (and constantly changes) of exporters to the country.
    And now the good news:  there is an efficient way to exploit the huge potential in opening and developing a trade relationship with Nigeria; the profession consultation and services we can provide you will allow you to focus on the essentials; the  bureaucracy and the logistics you can leave to us!
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