• Welcome to the city of unlimited possibilities – Yiwu, China, a city centered on the international commodities market and a city that has, since 1982, been a dynamic and expanding trade center for more than 215 countries from around the globe.

    The city covers an area of more than four million square meters, and offers over 300,000 different commodities divided into some 1500 different categories.

    These include: automobile parts, recreational accessories and equipment, silk flowers, clothing and textiles, furniture, toys, beads, jewelry, bags of every description, cosmetics, tools, calculators, electronic equipment and much, much more.

    But you don't have to go to China to take advantage of this vast abundance:
    R. Z. Logistics, working as your representative, brings Yiwu directly to you!

    Our Yiwu branch supply's the following services:
    • Locating the suppliers you need, issuing price quotations and placing centralized orders in accord with the types of  merchandise required (up to X suppliers per container), the amount required and the acceptable arrival date.
    • Collection of merchandize, packing and all shipping preparations at R. Z. Logistics warehouses.
    • We take care of all shipping formalities including preparation of all the required documentation.
    • Transportation of merchandize to its final destination.

    Who will benefit from our services?
    • Companies that engage in international trade with China and who are interested in taking advantage of the unprecedented range of merchandize being offered at unbeatable prices.
    • Companies who purchasing is, at present, conducted through local importers and who want to save the middle man's mark up and become their own importers.
    Do you want to enjoy a decisive competitive advantage over your competitors?  Please contact us!